US troops sent to advise Afghan forces drawn into firefight

(As seen in Stripes)



Helmand-based Afghan soldiers largely abandon counterinsurgency patrols taught by coalition forces

CAMP SHORABAK, Afghanistan — But seven months after the last Marines and British troops left Helmand, the similarities between counterinsurgency operations then and the Afghans’ take on them today ended with that pep talk. The entire mission that day would quickly turn out to be a photo-op.


Parting shot: No fond farewell for 82nd paratroopers in Afghanistan

photo 1

FORWARD OPERATING BASE SHANK, Afghanistan -They’re members of the last American battalion conducting full-spectrum combat operations in Afghanistan as the U.S. military prepares to pull its combat troops out of the country by the end of the year. Throughout the deployment, they’ve come face to face with an increasingly bold Taliban that threaten both departing Americans and the Afghan forces they leave behind.


US troops sent to advise Afghan forces drawn into firefight

ff COMBAT OUTPOST KHERWAR, Afghanistan -They were the first American soldiers to set foot in this remote corner of Logar province in more than three years. Deployed to support an Afghan battalion, they did not intend to engage in combat. The Taliban, however, had other plans for them.


Afghanistan’s heavily guarded capital no longer immune from violence

ddd KABUL, Afghanistan – Despite the presence of thousands of Western-trained security forces and a nationwide military strategy aimed at securing major urban centers, the insurgents still manage to carry out attacks on the capital.



US watchdog: Afghanistan poppy production at record levels despite counternarcotics efforts

opiumartKABUL, Afghanistan – Afghanistan’s opium economy is booming despite $7.6 billion in U.S. counternarcotics efforts since 2002, federal auditors said in a report released Tuesday.




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